plantation oak

Responsibly harvested

♦ engineered for quality

masterfully crafted


Look almost anywhere, and you'll see things made from wood. It forms the furniture you sit on, the floor you walk on, the cabinets that store your dishes, the doors that secure your home, the frames that hold your treasured photos, the clock that chimes the hours, and perhaps even the trim in your car. Wood also has uses you don't see: the framing inside your home's walls and the pallets that store inventory for the stores where you shop.

Harvesting wood can have devastating effects on forests and surrounding environments. Irresponsible logging leads to deforestation, pollution of waterways from erosion runoff, and the removal of a major resource in the carbon cycle -- a whole forest of oxygen-producing, carbon dioxide-absorbing trees.

Fortunately, some of the hardwoods most popular for home improvement and woodworking projects are now grown and harvested sustainably, often domestically.

French Country Plank use sustainable European hardwoods that are harvested from forests managed to maintain a natural balance of tree and plant diversity. The harvesters also take pains to reduce the impact of the harvest by maintaining a buffer of trees around waterways and reseeding areas damaged by the lumbering equipment.

natural oil, not plastic

♦ better durability

♦ designed to last

♦ reduce global carbon emission


The outstanding qualities of natural hard wax oil finishes is their ability to enhance the natural beauty of your timber floors.  Rather than resting on top of the wood and forming a protective barrier, as urethanes do, oil finishes soak into the wood and bond with it at a molecular level, making the wood itself stronger, but leaving its texture and colour unobstructed.  Over time, they produce a patina that ages and enhances the natural beauty and durability of wood. so it never acquires the dull, outworn look of a surface finishes.

Oil finishes can also be refreshed from time to time as needed without any great hassle, unlike urethane finishes which must be removed completely and reapplied as though the wood had been laid down new.  With a properly maintained oil finish, you should never need to sand down your floors.  If reparability is the new sustainability, as many in the industry are saying, then natural oil finishes are the way to go.