LED technology

Why LED hardwax oil?

♦ Boards coated locally

♦ Hardens oil instantly

♦ Boards delivered within weeks, not months


French Country Plank is a new innovative and affordable addition to the artisan style bespoke flooring by John Fredriksson and Antique Floors.

French Country Plank use a revolutionary natural hard wax oil that is cured instantly on the wood using patented LED technology. The hard-wax oil contains a unique natural composition of oils, waxes, resins and additives. The oil hardens and dries – under the influence of a special LED light – completely within a few seconds.

The instant curing of the oil under the LED light is one of the biggest advantages as the timber can be used immediately. In addition, tests show that the LED hard wax oil is even more durable than traditional air-dried hard wax oils.

The LED hard-wax oil is suitable for protection of all varieties of wood, such as floors, staircases and furniture and is particularly suitable for high traffic areas found in shops and offices.

flexibility at your disposal

Mobile size LED machine

Re-oil your existing floors

♦ Make your floors look brand new


French Country Planks can also refurbish your existing floor on site using a mobile LED machine that dry the sanded and cleaned wooden floor instantaneously. This is especially convenient for shops and offices that can’t afford closing down for days during the refurbishment of the floor. FCP can refurbish up to 200sqm in under 24 hours.